Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemic Preparedness

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2nd wave is here

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Wed, December 29, 2010 09:06:38

The second wave of the H1N1 infection (Swine Flu) is here and there is time to once again plan for a higher sick leave among employees. The virus haven´t changed alot, why there is a great chance that the vaccines will be of use even this time.

BUT For those who haven´t taken the pandemic shot in the last 9 months, there is a need for a "refill" as the vaccine only works for about 9 months.

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County Östergötland have now decided who to get vaccine first

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Sat, August 08, 2009 23:50:48

In Norrköpings Tidningar today - they announce that Östergötlands läns landsting have made up their mind about who to get vaccine first. Firstly - Lung and Cardiovascular patients, immuno-disease or suppressed patients, HIV-patients, poor-controled diabetic patients and children with severe diseases.

This goes straight opposite to experiences from earlier pandemics and experiences so far from swine-flu - where young and healthy people have suffered the most.

There are also decisions made that healthy people who come first in que will have to stand back and leave the position in favor of prioritized groups

The question is how this decision will affect society and companies?

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Corporate Pandemic preparedness in Sweden

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Thu, July 23, 2009 21:19:46

Yesterday, Dagens Nyheter published an article on the pandemic preparedness among Swedish companies. Some have made pandemic preparedness plans (PPP) and contingency plans (CP) and some haven´t.

In the article there were suggestions and discussions on pandemic-vaccine and antivirals to protect employees from flu resp. treat employees who have been infected.

It´s needed to say that you can´t count for vacine to be available at the time for the first wave as it´s predicted to start by mid august and the vaccine is to be delivered in september. Vaccine is needed to be given weeks before infection and can not be used as a treatment to cure already infected people.

As for antivirals - Swedish law and regulations don´t permit companies to stokpile pharmaceuticals for treatment of employees (unless you have a special licence eg. pharmaceutical companies). In addition it´s only pharmacies that have the right to distribute pharmaceuticals.

The single most important weapon to fight the pandemic is KNOWLEDGE AMONG RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYEES.

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Status update+vaccine for Sweden

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Wed, July 08, 2009 00:09:13

To date 88640 persons have caught the H1N1 infection according to ECDC reports. For Sweden todays number is 100 and another 13 suspected.

The mortality rate is still low at approx. 0.4-0,5%.

In June authoroties anounced that they´ve ordered 18 million doses of vaccine for the Swedish citizens. There have been worries about the delivery - where the first delivery (sept) may only cover 1/4 of the population.

No matter what - the most important protection is knowledge and preparedness.

The illness is mild (so far) and the main problem is the great number of ill people - which may cause severe effects on the society and major economic and productional problems for comapanies.

Experts calculates for somewhat 40% illness-rate during 3-4 weeks - this may cause closing of daycare centers, schools and major problems in services from society (as Försäkringskassan, HeathCare Providers and so on).

What effects to expect for food supply and possibilities to maintain open food-stores I have no clue about.

Even if you have a vaccine-shot you can´t be more than 80% sure of not getting infected - why there is important to stay away from infected people, wash hands and try to avoid crowded areas.

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3 out of 4 citizens in Sweden may have to wait for vaccine

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Fri, June 12, 2009 21:01:31

According to an article in Dagens Nyeter ( There is a great risk that 75% of Swedens citizens will have to wait for vaccine towards the H1N1 virus.

Prioritized groups for vaccine in Sweden are: Elderly, severe heart or lung disease, pregnancy patients. This is just opposite (excl pregnancy) of the predicted citizens to be infected during a pandemic - which is young healthy and employment-aged citizens.

At the same time, according to who, it will take somewhat 3-6 moths until a widely acheivable vaccine is ready.

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Phase 6 - The pandemic is a FACT!

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Thu, June 11, 2009 21:50:01

Now, WHO have anounced that we have a pandemic situation. The H1N1 virus is widely spread on all continents.

Still it´s quite slow - but it may keep slow during summer and come with full force during fall.

To societies and companies this means:

- They should have their Pandemic Preparedness Plan ready!

- They should have their contingency plan ready!

- Responsible persons in these planse should have proper knowledge about how a pandemic might affect society and their own business - otherwise the plans are worthless!

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14 cases in Sweden + 1 suspected

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Fri, June 05, 2009 23:54:16

ECDC today reports of a total of 14 cases in sweden and one more suspected. The numbers have doubled within a week.

Worldwide we now have over 20000 cases and it´s still rising by numerous cases every day.

Hopefully it slows down or doesn´t increase in speed regarding numbers of infected during summer.

But - it´s not impossible it will come back with renewed strength during fall.

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Over 18000 H1N1 cases to date

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Wed, June 03, 2009 00:03:00

According to the ECDC there are now over 18000 cases of H1N1 infections to date. The spread is still quite slow and as epidemiologist Annika Lindhe says it may slow down during summer - to come back during the fall to maybe turn in to a pandemic.

Companies and societies still have a little time to prepare.

A pandemic is likely to cause somewhat 25% sickleave during 6-8 weeks and an additional 15% who stays at home for reasons connected to the flu (eg. care for ill family-members, due to closed schools and so on).

Media reports are low (at least in Sweden) right now which causes people to think "it´s over" - but it haven´t even started yet!

On the other hand both healthcare-services (for obvious reasons), government and media is concearned about the severity of illness... but...

.. The effect on the society (food supply, transports, banking etc) is what should concern...

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