Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemic Preparedness

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Update on the H1N1 situation (still evolving)

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Sun, May 24, 2009 02:48:31

From the WHO reports, there are still reasons to be concearned about the evolvement in the H1N1 spread.

According to reports there are now 12022 humans infected in 43 countries. US alone has approx. 6500 infected reported so far and still counting for more.

Strange finding so far is that no country in Africa is affected - and even though there are a rapid increase in Japan there are strangely low numbers in China, Indonesia for instance.

Reports also say that elderly people seem to have resistance as only 1% of the infected are elderly - as far as I know this is expected as it´s awaited as a virus with pandemic potential will strike mainly against young and healthy people.

The infections still seems to be quite mild and the virus is still sensitive to antiviral treatment (neuroaminidase inhibitors).

On the other hand - the main issue (for society and companies) if this becomes a pandemic are the fact that:

- Schools and children daycare may close

- logistics for food and other supplies may be affected

- transports like busses, trains and subways may stop or delayed

- people stay home for illness and other reasons - affects productivity and profitability

- and more...

To keep wheels going companies have to plan for this and protect their business...

The most important protection is - KNOWLEDGE!

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