Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemic Preparedness

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Status update+vaccine for Sweden

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Wed, July 08, 2009 00:09:13

To date 88640 persons have caught the H1N1 infection according to ECDC reports. For Sweden todays number is 100 and another 13 suspected.

The mortality rate is still low at approx. 0.4-0,5%.

In June authoroties anounced that they´ve ordered 18 million doses of vaccine for the Swedish citizens. There have been worries about the delivery - where the first delivery (sept) may only cover 1/4 of the population.

No matter what - the most important protection is knowledge and preparedness.

The illness is mild (so far) and the main problem is the great number of ill people - which may cause severe effects on the society and major economic and productional problems for comapanies.

Experts calculates for somewhat 40% illness-rate during 3-4 weeks - this may cause closing of daycare centers, schools and major problems in services from society (as Försäkringskassan, HeathCare Providers and so on).

What effects to expect for food supply and possibilities to maintain open food-stores I have no clue about.

Even if you have a vaccine-shot you can´t be more than 80% sure of not getting infected - why there is important to stay away from infected people, wash hands and try to avoid crowded areas.

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