Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemic Preparedness

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Corporate Pandemic preparedness in Sweden

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Thu, July 23, 2009 21:19:46

Yesterday, Dagens Nyheter published an article on the pandemic preparedness among Swedish companies. Some have made pandemic preparedness plans (PPP) and contingency plans (CP) and some haven´t.

In the article there were suggestions and discussions on pandemic-vaccine and antivirals to protect employees from flu resp. treat employees who have been infected.

It´s needed to say that you can´t count for vacine to be available at the time for the first wave as it´s predicted to start by mid august and the vaccine is to be delivered in september. Vaccine is needed to be given weeks before infection and can not be used as a treatment to cure already infected people.

As for antivirals - Swedish law and regulations don´t permit companies to stokpile pharmaceuticals for treatment of employees (unless you have a special licence eg. pharmaceutical companies). In addition it´s only pharmacies that have the right to distribute pharmaceuticals.

The single most important weapon to fight the pandemic is KNOWLEDGE AMONG RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYEES.

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