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Pandemic Preparedness

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County Östergötland have now decided who to get vaccine first

Pandemiplan.comPosted by Mats Espander Sat, August 08, 2009 23:50:48

In Norrköpings Tidningar today - they announce that Östergötlands läns landsting have made up their mind about who to get vaccine first. Firstly - Lung and Cardiovascular patients, immuno-disease or suppressed patients, HIV-patients, poor-controled diabetic patients and children with severe diseases.

This goes straight opposite to experiences from earlier pandemics and experiences so far from swine-flu - where young and healthy people have suffered the most.

There are also decisions made that healthy people who come first in que will have to stand back and leave the position in favor of prioritized groups

The question is how this decision will affect society and companies?

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